Voice Training Services


A wide range of services are available to address personal voice development, vocal transition for transgender persons, vocal training for professionals, and voice therapy for clients with voice disorders.



Transgender Voice Training

Using a holistic approach, vocal training guides you to evolve from your current voice into one that aligns with your inner sense of self, your professional goals and social needs.


Voice Therapy & Training

Voice therapy and training is designed to produce a voice that has the power, ease, endurance, clarity, comfort and flexibility you've been seeking. Express yourself the way you always knew you could, but never had the tools to explore.


Mind-Body Therapy

There are many approaches to well-being. Having tried traditional paths with limited success, exploring alternative approaches can positively influence your health and happiness. Getting to know yourself more deeply can open the door to creativity and personal freedom.


Training the Trainer

If you want to learn to do voice training for the transgender community, we can help you develop voice training skills as a clinician or develop your own voice and communication program for transgender individuals at your facility.