Voice Therapy & Training


Vocal Self provides highly specialized care for your speaking voice. Direct voice methods combine physiological approaches with traditional behavioral methods, depending upon your specific needs. At times, there are mental, emotional, social, spiritual, behavioral and experiential factors that impact communication. For that reason, integrating mindfulness practices, yoga, positive psychology, emotional integration, hypnotherapy, Reiki and other holistic approaches may be incorporated. 


You can develop improved:

  • Vocal clarity
  • Vocal power
  • Vocal endurance
  • Vocal control
  • Vocal ease
  • Vocal flexibility
  • Optimal postural and breath support
  • Release and relaxation of the larynx (voice box) and related musculature

Specialized programs are available for both vocal training and voice therapy.  

Private Voice Training

The Speaking Voice

Do you like the sound of your own voice?
Do you feel that it reflects who you really are to those around you?  
Do you wish you projected a relaxed, confident, competent and energetic voice? 
The good news is that there is a lot you can do about it! You can change your voice and project a new you. Voice training can help you develop your voice naturally by aligning and balancing the systems involved in vocal production, and eliminating any mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks to expressing your true self. The Vocal Self training program is designed to produce a voice that is pleasant to listen to, comfortable to use and has the power, ease, endurance, clarity, and flexibility you have been seeking. 

Available Sessions:
Single private sessions and multi-week packages available.


Vocal Fountain of Youth

Are you over 50? 60? 70? You don’t have to sound like it!

Complaints such as…
          “I sound older than I feel”
          “I lost the power in my voice!”
          “My voice sounds scratchy…”
          “People STOP listening 5 seconds after I start talking because of the sound of my voice”
…are common and often completely correctable.

Voice training can be a vocal fountain of youth! Our bodies change as we age, and this means that sometimes the vocal system including the vocal folds, breathing,  postural systems, and general energy need to be realigned and ‘rebooted’ to reflect your inner sense of well-being. It is possible to reclaim a renewed voice—and it doesn’t have to take a long time.

Available Sessions:
Single private sessions and multi-week packages available.


Vocal Confidence Booster

Do you find that others around you get the wrong impression of you when you communicate in work and daily life? You can change that!

Comments such as…
          “I’m not taken seriously”.
          “I sound too young (immature/weak/passive)”
          “My client’s don’t have faith in me because of how I sound on the phone!”
          “I feel my high voice is a turn off!”
…are common, but can be improved.

You can project confidence, competence and authority through your voice by opening up any blocks to full expression. By using improved postural alignment, breath support, and resonance, you can find a rich, full, powerful voice that projects with ease and clarity.

Available Sessions:
Single private sessions and multi-week packages available.


The Vocalist's Secret Weapon

Even with all the singing coaching you have had, do you still want more from your singing voice? Support your singing voice by training your speaking voice.  You use all the same systems for speaking and singing, yet you spend much more time using your speaking voice.  If that is not balanced, melodic, and resonant, you are working against all of your previous training to sing!

With balanced use of your speaking voice in all contexts, your singing voice can develop even greater endurance, flexibility, control, range, comfort and freedom.

Available Sessions:
Single private sessions and multi-week packages available.


Private Voice Therapy for Voice Disorders

If you have had voice problems and have seen an ear, nose and throat physician, you may find yourself seeking voice therapy services. Common complaints include deteriorating vocal quality, difficulty with vocal projection, reduced singing range and flexibility, discomfort in the throat, poor vocal endurance, a lowering of the pitch, a lack of vocal melody, or the sense that increased effort is needed to produce previous levels of functioning.  Your voice may sound squeezed, hoarse, breathy, or rough.
Certain voice problems can make it difficult for the vocal folds to vibrate normally. Often clients find themselves over-working or misusing their voice adding more tension and strain. This is especially difficult for clients who speak or sing for a living causing lost workdays and wages.
Voice therapy begins with an interview and a voice evaluation. These steps provide the foundational information needed to create an appropriate therapy protocol for you.  Each individualized treatment plan is created to eliminate unhealthy habits and increase vocal balance potentially reducing or eliminating the underlying cause of the disorder.  In many cases, depending upon the diagnosis, patients return to full vocal function.

Available Sessions:
Single private sessions and multi-week packages available.