Mind-Body Therapy


For an alternative approach to care, we specialize in a range of holistic services. These unique methods are often highly effective supplements to more traditional methods of voice therapy and training. While traditional methods are important, balance between the inner self and the outer expression of that self is essential to each of us. Wholeness is expressed when the outer way of being matches who we are inside. It is my hope that you leave each session with a greater sense of that wholeness.

Alternative Voice Therapy/Training

Alternative voice therapy is for anyone who has had limited results from traditional voice therapy or training and is interested in exploring the impact of their mental-emotional-spiritual processes on their voice and physical body. Often with heightened awareness and/or emotional release there is a shift in the dynamics of the voice with increased understanding and meaning.

Available Sessions:
Single private sessions and multi-week packages available.


Mindfulness / Stress Management 

A variety of approaches are available to enhance personal presence and calmness in your life.  Positive psychology tools, deep breathing and other meditation approaches, visualization and intentional practices are introduced and applied as feels appropriate to each client's needs and desires.

Private sessions are available for individuals seeking heightened self-awareness and growth, preferring to attune to the natural flow of life rather than continue living out of fear. This intention to shift to your true self engages a higher way of living and can open the pathway to wellness, peace, joy and fulfillment.

Available Sessions:
Single private sessions and multi-week packages available.


Breathing Therapy

Do you find that you hold your breath?
Are you left breathless at the end of a sentence?
Do you often feel anxious or stressed? 

Many of us are unaware that we are breathing incorrectly. Our abdomen may be tense throughout the day, we may hold our breath often, and run out of air easily when we talk. Learning to breathe effectively means using the appropriate muscles with proper depth and coordination. When we do, within a few short weeks, we notice a variety of benefits that have a powerful impact.


Potential Benefits May Include:

  • Increased breathing efficiency
  • Improved power, endurance, clarity, and efficiency of the voice
  • Reduced symptoms of asthma, bronchitis and related chest pain
  • Increased oxygen to the heart, brain and eyes
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Increased connection with the physical body
  • Deepened meditation

Available Sessions:
Single private sessions and multi-week packages available.