Ladies, You Can Do This!

This morning I met my new voice training client, who happened to be trans female. She was presenting full time, and had gone through the physical transition fully. She looked fantastic.

During the interview, she surprised me by saying that this was the first time that she had even considered transitioning her voice. It was a dear friend that opened the door to the idea when she innocently asked “Are you going to change your voice too?”

She took some time to think about what she was feeling. She realized that out of fear, she blocked voice training out of her mind.  


What if she couldn’t do it?  After all, the electrolysis, facial feminization, sexual reassignment and breast surgery were all done for her; this she would have to do for herself. 

For all of you that secretly do care, and want to feminize your voice, I am here to tell you, that when you are ready, you can achieve a voice that sounds and feels more like the inner you! You can do it for the people around you, but it is more important that you do it for yourself.  

A part of you that you did not even know was in there will come out to play.

Live life!
– Linda